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3 Integral Components of a Solar PV System

Graybar Energy is a supplier of components to the renewable energy market segment, in particular to commercial and utility scale solar PV and wind energy projects.

Harnessing power from sunlight is no small accomplishment. The equipment used in a Solar PV system is always evolving to become more efficient. At Graybar Energy, the top selling components integral  to a Solar PV system are combiner boxes, RPVU cable, and PV connectors.

Combiner boxes are used to connect the solar PV module strings to the inverter. Graybar Energy carries a variety of commercial combiner boxes, including the newest standard – an Arc Fault Combiner Box (AFCI), which monitors system noise and string current to detect and interrupt the system when an arc fault is detected.

Connecting the PV modules to the combiner boxes requires RPVU cable. This cable is specifically used for interconnecting Photovoltaic modules. It is designed to be safely buried as well as exposed to the elements. At Graybar Energy, RPVU cable is available in a variety of colours.  Customers can also take advantage of Graybar Energy’s partnerships with third parties who offer harnessing solutions. These solutions include bundling the cable so it can easily connect to each of the module strings that run back to the combiner box.

PV Connectors including the H4 connector, MC4 connector, and QC4 connector, enable the cable to attach to the modules. The PV connectors available at Graybar Canada are from multiple vendors to best complement the rest of the solution and lend themselves to achieve your Renewable Energy goals.