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5 Questions to Know if Solar PV is Right for You

When implementing a Solar PV system, there are some questions you must first ask yourself to see if it is a solution that is right for you. 
  1. Location, location, location. Does your location have a clear south or southwest view, free of trees, building, and other debris? This is the most important question to ask yourself because it is essential for the PV system to absorb the sunlight during peak hours. 
  2. Do you have sufficient space for the equipment? A Solar PV system takes up a large amount of physical space. The space requirement is significant, such as a clear rooftop or a large, firm ground surface. The number of PV modules can be scaled according to the available space and desired outcome. 
  3. Will the surface support the equipment? Not only does the equipment require sufficient space, but its weight is substantial, so it also requires an ample, stable support structure. There are options such as a ballasted system that can assist with reinforcement. 
  4. What are your goals? What are the desired short and long term results of implementing a Solar PV system? Perhaps you are you looking to save your company money on the power bill or maybe you are looking to self-contain your power usage at a seasonal remote location. It may be as simple as wanting to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment by using the latest efficient technology in renewable energy. 
  5. Contact Graybar Energy! Now that you know Solar PV is right for you, contact Graybar Energy to arrange a consultation on a scaled solution that will achieve your renewable energy goals.